Farmer Aid Package Info as reported by Bloomberg:

Signup begins September 4th.  

A total of $4.7B in direct payments with a possibility of additional commodity payments in 2019.

$125,000 payment cap per person or legal entity.

Wheat:     $0.14/bu  

Sorgum:   $0.86/bu

Soybeans: $1.65/bu

Corn:         $0.01/bu


The initial MFP payment will be calculated by multiplying 50% of the producers total 2018 actual production by the MFP rate.  If a second payment period happens in 2019, the remaining 50% will be paid out.  

**Please check with your local FSA office for further rules and clarification.





JVG Cash Bids
Name Delivery Start Basis Month Futures Price Basis Cash Price Futures Change
Winter Wheat - Please call for details

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Quotes retrieved on September 18, 2018, 06:47:57 PM CDT
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