Soybeans and Corn: These commodities hauled in will have 30 days from the time of unload to be sold or put on the DP Program.  No DP charges will be applied if sold within the allowed 30 days.  This will be on a per ticket basis-no averaging of days and each ticket stand alone.  Any commodities not priced at the end of the 30 day period will be placed on a Delayed Price Contract.


All Wheat: Cash or contract only. Any wheat delivered that isn't previously sold will be priced out on the following days closing cash price.


REMINDER: Since the title of grain passes to the elevator upon application to a DP contract; LDP's cannot be taken at a later date if they become available. 

James Valley Grain will not take delivery of corn containing Durcade traits developed by Syngenta. If testing is required for unacceptable GMO varieties, all costs will be passed onto the producer. Please call if you have any questions. Thanks!

** The DP Programs are subject to elevator space and may be discontinued at any time.
As per JVG policy, DP contracts can NOT apply to future delivery contracts.

New Crop Charges
As of 04/01/24 we will not be charging for 2025 Crop HTA contracts. 

2026 crop will assess HTA fees. $.08/bu for wheat, $0.10/bu for soybeans and $0.05/bu for corn. 
It is nonrefundable and will be taken off the Futures Price at time of contract.


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