Dow hits record on Disney rally. HK protests, China data weigh on sentiment.

Hong Kong continues boiling as protests ratcheted up another notch with a complete paralysis of the city amid fear and uncertainty about when and how the unrest would ease. Subway and roads are blocked, schools are closed.

Stocks in Hong Kong fell as much as 1.82% to a month low, as the social unrest has been taking a toll on citys businesses since twenty-three consecutive weeks and no one is able to tell what is next, other than that there is a stronger case for a Chinese intervention.


The Dow Jones hit a new record on Wednesday, boosted by a 7.32% rally in Walt Disney shares as the family-friendly companys new video-streaming service Disney+ attracted 10 million subscribers after its Tuesday launch.


Euro-dollar tests the 1.10-support, while pound buyers rely on solid October retail sales to extend recovery.

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Opening calls

FTSE to open 12 points lower at 7339

DAX to open 14 points higher at 13244